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November 23, 2009
  • I live in A special state O'mind
  • I was born on January 19
  • My occupation is Don't be silly I'm a Saint →
  • I am Male
  • SaintPain

    Can you believe this started off as a sill print black & white photo of dried roses ?

    I am going to search the net for a company that can print this as actual wall paper for my real life house.

    • So what do you think ?
    • Click on the image for best close up view.

    SaintPain→ Here to help." 08:24, October 31, 2014 (UTC)

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  • SaintPain

    Fallout tales

    August 30, 2014 by SaintPain

    It has been to long since I really did any story tell'n, so to get back in the mix I would be pleased if any and or all of you Fallout fans would join me in creating a new joint story.

    • Be creative as you like but try to keep it in the Fallout universe.
    • Please try to keep it all relative as a group improvisation. That is to say " Try to roll with what others post "

    Once upon a time the world was lush & green with a bounty of rich life from the depths of the oceans to the mountain's shadows but mankind could not tolerate it's self. Avarice, over population, depleted resources & political intolerance led to paranoia. Fear fostered War & War never changes. Bloody killing fields, heaps of bone & radioactive ash soon littered the once fertile pl…

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  • SaintPain

    Either I'm addicted or my many tours of service have left me with brain damage :confused:

    Last night I had an extremely vivid dream

    It was a mix of The Belgian Problem & Return to Steelport. OK so that is odd enough but then it got crazy, I was allowed 11 followers that made a party of 12. Still not odd enough? My character & each follower was remote controlling not only a bizarre collection of cars but also life sized toys from the movies "Small Soldiers" & "Toy story" Yeah it's not sane o_O So anyway in the scene form The Belgian problem where the player's character & 2 main NPCs come around the corner in slow motion I was controlling Major Chip Hazard from Small Soldiers, Shaundi was Buzz Lightyear & Pierce was Woody from Toy Story :rolle…

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  • SaintPain

    Yes I still do walk the earth.

    It warms the dark places in my soul to see so many actually missed me. I guess absence dose make the heart grow fonder. I will try to be here more but with so much go'n on I am tired ~;D

    I do miss your company & cool stuff like the polls, I've just been distracted.

    The truth is I been spending a lot more time at the gym ~ Call it a mid life thing ~;P Turning 50 was a mile marker & I have a Florida vacation come'n up so I'm re-sculpting my beach body. That & I have been play'n 2 other games "Saints Row 3" & "Dead Island".

    • If you use Steam look for me there as "War_Pig".

    I am a very active co op player & if you use voice chat we can actually speak in real time. Please do look me up.

    SaintPain→ Here to help." 17:34, Ma…

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  • SaintPain

    Do you know your role ?

    October 12, 2013 by SaintPain

    Many of us are role players.

    At times it spills over into polls or other fun places like some of our blogs & I don't mean to stop that fun now or ever! Fallout is a role play series ~ Most of the joy I find here is in see'n y'all's characters.

    • Eden is our perhaps most outspoken Enclave poster child.. He is programmed that way as far as I can see.
    • The eternal maggot farmer AKA The Ever Ruler Is a Walker who can still laugh about it. (Warning) This could be a Zombie plot to throw us off guard.. Wear a hat ~ This might protect you or it might just keep your brains warm for later... I'm just say'n..
    • Agent C has this whole News Radio thing go'n on along with his fetish for "The Hole's" blood sport.
    • Dead Gunner Is some thing, but I'm not quite sure what? Th…
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