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November 23, 2009
  • I live in A special state O'mind
  • I was born on January 19
  • My occupation is Don't be silly I'm a Saint →
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    Either I'm addicted or my many tours of service have left me with brain damage :confused:

    Last night I had an extremely vivid dream

    It was a mix of The Belgian Problem & Return to Steelport. OK so that is odd enough but then it got crazy, I was allowed 11 followers that made a party of 12. Still not odd enough? My character & each follower was remote controlling not only a bizarre collection of cars but also life sized toys from the movies "Small Soldiers" & "Toy story" Yeah it's not sane o_O So anyway in the scene form The Belgian problem where the player's character & 2 main NPCs come around the corner in slow motion I was controlling Major Chip Hazard from Small Soldiers, Shaundi was Buzz Lightyear & Pierce was Woody from Toy Story :rolle…

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    Yes I still do walk the earth.

    It warms the dark places in my soul to see so many actually missed me. I guess absence dose make the heart grow fonder. I will try to be here more but with so much go'n on I am tired ~;D

    I do miss your company & cool stuff like the polls, I've just been distracted.

    The truth is I been spending a lot more time at the gym ~ Call it a mid life thing ~;P Turning 50 was a mile marker & I have a Florida vacation come'n up so I'm re-sculpting my beach body. That & I have been play'n 2 other games "Saints Row 3" & "Dead Island".

    • If you use Steam look for me there as "War_Pig".

    I am a very active co op player & if you use voice chat we can actually speak in real time. Please do look me up.

    SaintPain→ Here to help." 17:34, Ma…

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    Do you know your role ?

    October 12, 2013 by SaintPain

    Many of us are role players.

    At times it spills over into polls or other fun places like some of our blogs & I don't mean to stop that fun now or ever! Fallout is a role play series ~ Most of the joy I find here is in see'n y'all's characters.

    • Eden is our perhaps most outspoken Enclave poster child.. He is programmed that way as far as I can see.
    • The eternal maggot farmer AKA The Ever Ruler Is a Walker who can still laugh about it. (Warning) This could be a Zombie plot to throw us off guard.. Wear a hat ~ This might protect you or it might just keep your brains warm for later... I'm just say'n..
    • Agent C has this whole News Radio thing go'n on along with his fetish for "The Hole's" blood sport.
    • Dead Gunner Is some thing, but I'm not quite sure what? Th…
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    I love to laugh almost as much as sex, food & mah dear Canadian blended whiskey.. Not always in that order as some times one leads to the other ~;)

    Please do share your favorite jokes and puns.

    • I am a blond, I notice these things.

    Blond or blonde jokes don't offend me, please just try to keep it less than hateful.

    • No obvious cruel racism or endless flood of over the top profanity, please.
    • Try to roll with it and have a thick skin.. This intended to be fun for all.

    SaintPain→ Just here to help." 02:05, August 10, 2013 (UTC)

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    The Gourmand of the Apocalypse is a feature of GarouxBloodline's Strategic Nuclear Moose.

    The recipes offered here are made from wasteland ingredients but these combinations have yet to appear in any Fallout game.

    Salt really should be included in fallout.

    • If you live near a salt flat or a mine it just needs to be cut out of the earth and it is ready to be transported.
    • It can also be extracted from some plants or harvested by evaporation of any salty water. Yes even urine.

    Any pealed "tuber" such as a Fresh potato will leach away some salt from a salty liquid

    Note: Sea & salt lake water is not recommended to drink straight but it makes a fine survivalist soup and stew base. Just add fish, meat and or vegetables and boil.

    • Humans can drink their ow…

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