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    The Sink being completely awesome has led me to a strange little downside, which boils down to this: I feel like I'm cheating on my companions.

    I don't mean literally, of course, despite there being no short supply of Lady Killer checks flying about. I simply keep ditching them to run back to my nifty little hide-out.

    I've completed OWB at a mid-level range, entering about halfway in to the main story, and coming out in the high 20s. Since the Sink had all of the crafting benches, neat lighting effects, and an instant travel effect that ignores encumberance, I wasted no time gathering up all of my various crap and zapping it over there. My unique weapons, crafting mats, spare armor, etc.

    OWB's tendency to break down useless items only made th…

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    A co-worker today asked me about Old World Blues. He was probably just trying to be polite, because everyone knows that Fallout is my strong suit, but he also mentioned hearing that the newest DLC is far and away the best of the three.

    I didn't bite his head off. Firstly because, come on, that would be rude. At least he was polite enough to ask me about it while waiting his turn to gush about F3AR.

    But mostly, it was because I really had to think about it. And now that I have, I've decided it better to blog about it than vent my spleen in talk pages. So here, in no particular order, are my thoughts on Old World Blues.

    1: The perks are awful.

    I don't mean the unlockables, which are, as always, pretty cool. I mean the purchasable perks, which I …

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