So, a couple of really interesting videos popped up in my YT Sub feed. The first is the official trailer for Nuka World, which dropped today. Looks really cool. Features a new world space, Nuka World, new weapons, armors, and factions. Release date for Nuka world is August 30th.

The second video was posted by a YT'er going by the name Lone Vault Wanderer. In it he talks about a trademark that was filed for Fallout: New Orleans. I'll post a link below, so check it out.

Warning: Take everything in the video with a heavy grain of salt, as neither Bethesda, nor Obsidian, who is most likely the developer, have officially come out and said this game is in development. Nothing is confirmed atm. For all we know it could be a hoax, just keep that in mind.

This video was posted by Mr Matty Plays. In it he does a breakdown and in-depth analysis of the Nuka World trailer.

There ya go. Have fun out there in the wastes.