This news broke just as the recent News Digest went to press, so I thought I'd help by posting about it.

This week a new update for Fallout Shelter is supposed to be coming out. This update features a slew of new features that, to me at least, look really cool

New content to be added in the 1.4 Update:

Crafting: Turn useless junk into useful items.

New Rooms: Weapon and Armor Crafting rooms to be added where you can build and customize your gear.

Lunchboxes: Lunchboxes earned either in-game or purchased will contain a Fifth Card.

Barbershop: As an Overseer, you can only assign dwellers to work in certain rooms and name new-born babies. Well, with the new Barbershop, you can now customize the appearance of your dwellers.

Pets: New cats and dogs are coming along with a new pet: Parrots. Pets also will have new bonuses.

Day/Night Cycle: A New Day/Night Cycle will be added that will properly reflect the time of day.

Now, I have no idea when the update will be out. If it is out already, it's most likely out for IOS devices first, to be followed by a release for Android devices.

Update: 1.4 is now live for both IOS and Android devices.