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  • Ryker61

    So recently Mojang, the company behind the popular sandbox construction game Minecraft, released a trailer for the newest mashup pack for Minecraft console edition, Minecraft: Fallout Edition. The trailer was uploaded to Mojang's official YT channel, TeamMojang.

    For those of you who are not aware of what a mashup pack is, it contains a skin pack, texture pack, themed UI, themed music, and a themed world. This is not the first time 4J made a mashup pack from a Bethesda game. In 2013, 4J released a mashup pack based on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

    Here's a link to the trailer:

    Here's a link to an article covering the new mashup pack(I'm only including this link because there are pics in the article sh…

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  • Ryker61

    So, a couple of really interesting videos popped up in my YT Sub feed. The first is the official trailer for Nuka World, which dropped today. Looks really cool. Features a new world space, Nuka World, new weapons, armors, and factions. Release date for Nuka world is August 30th.

    The second video was posted by a YT'er going by the name Lone Vault Wanderer. In it he talks about a trademark that was filed for Fallout: New Orleans. I'll post a link below, so check it out.

    Warning: Take everything in the video with a heavy grain of salt, as neither Bethesda, nor Obsidian, who is most likely the developer, have off…

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  • Ryker61

    This news broke just as the recent News Digest went to press, so I thought I'd help by posting about it.

    This week a new update for Fallout Shelter is supposed to be coming out. This update features a slew of new features that, to me at least, look really cool

    New content to be added in the 1.4 Update:

    Crafting: Turn useless junk into useful items.

    New Rooms: Weapon and Armor Crafting rooms to be added where you can build and customize your gear.

    Lunchboxes: Lunchboxes earned either in-game or purchased will contain a Fifth Card.

    Barbershop: As an Overseer, you can only assign dwellers to work in certain rooms and name new-born babies. Well, with the new Barbershop, you can now customize the appearance of your dwellers.

    Pets: New cats and dogs ar…

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