I was unpleased and at the same time was pleased with this expansion, it was humorous (actually very humorous) kudos for that, and the story was really awsome! not quite as long as id hoped or maybe a few more side missions maybe more stuff to activate it was dormant pre-war tech. there should have been something more than a weather machine and a big ass gun to shoot (which occupied me for sometime that was really cool bang! hahaha bang! hahaha bang! hahaha)but at the end when it tells you what happens to everything, (depending on the path you chose i saved mobius and the think tank and said id bring the mojave to them) i think it would have been really cool if you could go to all the labs after and seen the different researchers, like the magnetohydraulics lab with the crazy clean freak sink. seen it brought back to life! (or dead and destroyed) whats your opinion, yes i know something like this would take much much more time but it would have been much more satisfying,- Thanks let me know what you think -Rufus196 (please dont think im ripping on it cause im not) =)