• Rootmars

    Some news bits from the german Gamestar magazine Fallout: New Vegas article from June 2010:

    (WARNING: Expect some minor spoilers if you read on)


    • The Lucky 38 has a restaurant that circles around its own axis.
    • Another Vegas Building mentioned: "Ultra Deluxe Resort", a grey monolith with a big fountain in front of it. There are half-naked drunken girls playing in the water and a security robot as well as human "military cops" try to get them out.
    • The "Tops" Building has its own band called "The RAD Pack" ahahahhaha oh boy.
    • Vault 21 is also a hotel.
    • "The game isn't set directy at the pacific coast, but veterans may recognize some connection-points, the NCR for example." (!!!)
    • The Primm casino is called "Bison Steves Casino".
    • A rocket-factory …
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  • Rootmars

    Information from a 10-page Fallout: New Vegas preview in the German PC Games magazine:

    • Opening sequence: Courier is executed with a headshot. No ambush.
    • Character look creation: Mitchell holds a mirror in front of your face "I hope I put you back together properly so you recognize yourself."
    • Character creation: G.O.A.T. is replaced with a psychoanalysis test.
    • Weapons: picture of a hunting rifle included. Available modifications are scope, larger magazine and a 3rd one for faster load between shots.
    • Weapons: picture of a normal and a unique 9mm Pistol. Shown mods: scope and magazine enlargement. One gun shown with both scope and enlarged magazine.
    • Weapons: The unique pistol has a unique skin, engravings and a picture of Virgin Mary on the grip. Th…
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