Courier's Backstory:

Eli had a rough life growing up. His parents were taken from him when he was five years old when a band of raiders killed his father in front of him and kidnapped his mother. Whether she is alive or dead, Eli doesn’t really know, but regardless he made it to adulthood without anyone watching out for him. He learned how to use a gun from a band of mercenaries who picked him up. Eli became close friends with one of the mercs, a man named Joseph. He taught Eli how to use a sniper rifle and how to hunt. But the merc leader didn’t like Eli, and had suspicions that he might be a spy for a rival merc group or a band of slavers. So, Eli was kicked out of the camp and left to wander the wastes. He eventually made his way to a Mojave Express Station. He felt around in his pockets and realized that he had no money, so he went into the station to see if he could get a job as a courier. The man at the front desks was a man named Edison and he told Eli that they had a few offers at the moment but there was one was offering a lot of caps. Eli told him that he didn’t care what it was and that he’d take it. Edison handed Eli a brown paper envelope which seemed to have something very small in it, almost the size of a bottle cap. Eli took the envelope and headed off toward his assigned destination.

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