I'd love to see this up and running. That way we could get to the fun stuff like builds. Perhaps the game is too new now and people are a little to overzealous however. It seems it's been deleted a few time's for vandalism. Still I'd like to see it up and covering topics like the need for stronger character specialization versus Fallout 3, which I feel brings this iteration closer to the originals. That's what made them great. There was no one uber design. There were some very strong builds in maybe one or two specific areas like say Big Guns/Melee but then weak in others. Say Fallout 1 for example, say you've taken fast shot and heavy handed, and plan to grab slayer late in the game for a melee monster. But you've dumped luck for more strength and endurance. It's o.k. for slayer since there isn't any luck check, but say you've also tagged big guns, since it synergizes well with fast shot. Try using a minigun on the Lou, bupkis. The Lou then proceeds to kill you with his awesome gatling lazer. But a more specialized character with high luck and sniper, massive critical damage baby!

Anyways I guess I'll wait a bit until it calms down some and maybe sticks.

But for now here's what I'm playing in New Vegas.

Name: The Duck of Death!

S:5(6 implant)

P:8(9 implant)

E:6(allows for armor implant)


I:2(3 implant, taken before level 3 = 333 skill points)

A:9(10 implant)

L:9(10 implant)

Traits, Fast Shot, Kamikaze

Tag skills, Guns, Repair, Math Wrath.

The plan so far is to dump points into repair until it hits 70 so I can grab Handloader at Level 6 Then put points into Science until 70 for Math Wrath at level 12, then the rest of the points into capping repair (up to 86, implants and books take care of the rest), guns, energy weapons, sneak and lockpick (capped at 98, any hat will bring to 100)

So with books and all, no other skills modified skills should look like:

Guns 100 Energy Weapons 100 Sneak 100 Repair 100 Lockpick 98 (100 with hat) Science 82 (The followers lab coat, mentats and party time mentats can bring to 100 if needed)

Perks taken: Confirmed Bachelor, Rapid Reload, Hand Loader, Commando, Finesse, Math Wrath, Jury Rigging, Better Criticals, Action Boy (2), Concentrated Fire, Grim Reaper's Sprint, Nerves of Steel, Center of Mass and Bloody Mess.

Must have equipment: 1st Recon Beret, Sniper Rifle.

So not really much of a talker (though I should still be able to get Cass with enough drugs, books, booze and roving trader gear), but should be able to explore everywhere and kill everything at ranges long and short. Should be able to make optimal use of the Gauss rifle, but is capable of truly absurd amounts of damage with a Sniper or the Gobi. I like having the maximum sensor range, because I like to just walk the desert and make all the red dots dead. Hunting fiends outside of New Vegas should be pure awesome.

I have a very similar build right now with trigger discipline and slight variation in intelegence/endurance and skill points. I am quite excited to level this build and compare the two (thinking of using the drill sergeant outside the Camp Mccarran supply shack as a static target to generate hit percentages and damage per round numbers with) If it's as I've anticipated. The rate of fire bonus coupled with the additive rather than percentile concentrated fire accuracy bonus should be able to overcome the fast shot accuracy handicap, making this build statistically superior at ranges both near and far.

UPDATE: Static target testing has revealed something different than anticipated. The accuracy difference between the two builds is much greater than the 20% bonus and penalty might suggest. I think there is some interaction between the 20% reduction in shot deviation and the 20% vats accuracy bonus that is giving fast shot a much larger accuracy bonus than can be accounted for with the 45% disparity between builds that I had originally estimated. I'm not sure how the equation works before the bonuses and penalties from fast shot/trigger discipline and commando are applied though.

One target at mid range for the Fast Shot Character was a 47% (57 avg or ~ 570 damage over 5 shots) chance to hit, the same target at the same range for for the Trigger Discipline Character was 95% (570 damage over 3 shots)

Another target at longer range was a 24% (34 avg or ~ 340 damage over 5 shots) chance to hit for the Fast Shot Character. For the Trigger Discipline Character it was 56% (61 avg or 366 dam over 3 shots)

I suspect that trigger discipline will edge away further at even longer distances but I need ideas for static targets and easily measured shooting positions. So far fast shot has stayed pretty close mostly through simply "rolling the dice" more often although at very close distances it will clearly pull away.

Another update, checked accuracy at max vats engagement distance and the damage per round was still very close. Furthermore the difference in shot deviation seems to make little or no difference in regards to maximum vats engagement range. In this instance accuracy was 14 (24 avg or 240 dam over 5 shots) for fast shot and 36 (41 avg or 246 over 3 shots) for trigger discipline.

It seems that the two traits can output about equal damage at range, while fast shot also gains an advantage in close quarters. Some downsides might be that rifle sway wile standing seems worse and extra ammo consumption and firearm wear.