Okay, so you know rule number one on the Internet is to never give out your true details on websites like these. I follow this rule and as a result, it has hurt my reputation. So here we go (making a few very broad for peace of mind) here are my details

Name: Just stick to calling me Vinny

Work Industry: A place that serves food

Age: 16

Location: It has always been Australia but never Canberra. I live in a suburb outside Brisbane, but i frequent friend's homes in other areas frequently

You see i'm only a teen and i'm terrified of Internet predators etc etc so i made up my persona. So from now on, even if i only come in once a year (i don't edit much any more cos i'm lazy) this is who i am, also i have a new laptop and the I.P address i have is new! No more faking, no more sock profiles, no more bull. Just editing for the wiki!

PS: can someone help me overhaul my profile? I've forgotten how to do everything!