So, after playing all the Fallouts, its got me thinking. The social experiments, like Vault 19's colour segregation or Vault 11's Life Over A Life. When the government did it, what were they thinking, how could they do it. Or when they didn't give all the vaults GECKS due to cost concerns. Wouldn't it cost an arm and a leg to build all the vaults just to go to waste. If things had of gone differently in game, do you think any vaults could of become successful and help the wasteland emerge. If you had to be in a vault which one would you be in. I'd be in 13, simply because it took 80-100 years before the Enclave or Mutant threat became apparent. Thanks to being in that time span I would be dead by the time any threat or water chip malfunction ever happened. Plus I would be in the biggest of all vaults. Comment Comment Comment!