The Mojave Campaign is over. Mr House is now exercising complete control over The Strip and New Vegas. The NCR is evacuating the area, bringing with them supplies, citizens, equipment and information. Kimball, Oliver and Hanlon arrive home.

Day 1: Hoover Dam has just been taken. The Securitrons are pushing the NCR and the Legion out of the Mojave completely. Kimball, Oliver and Hanlon are just outside the Mojave Outpost and are coming home.

Day 2: Oliver, Kimball and Hanlon arrive back at shady sands. Its citizens riled, throw any junk they can, riot control keep them contained and they head back to office.

Day 3: Without power and water from the Hoover Dam, NCR territory remains unpowered, citizens are now rationing water from the already depleted lakes.

Day 4: Elections are in one week and the main men are racing to establish their power to stay in office. Campaigns fail and popularity drops.

Day 5: Citizens in the Boneyard begin to riot. Without food, water and power Riot control fails to contain the citizens. Many die from starvation, thirst, being killed or killing themselves.

Day 6: Boneyard has fallen and the citizens has reverted to their old Raider ways. Soldiers cannot contain them as many have deserted or died. Without Boneyard the NCR takes a large hit. The Mint is gone and many politicians have died.

Day 7: Elections are forwarded to help contain the riots. While giving a speech a bomb goes off in Shady Sands. The major political centre is gone and many die. Shady Sands has fallen and the NCR begins to collapse.

Day 8: Vault city, is feeling the pressure of the rioters. Many refugees are flooding in for refuge. As usual Vault City declines them. People get violent and Vault City has no choice but to fall back into Vault 8. The walls to Vault City have fallen and more Raider gangs begin to form

Day 9: Already partially abandoned the state of Maxson decides to fall back into Lost Hills. Little do they realise, once they seal the doors they can't come back to the surface. They die out as food and water runs out.

Day 10: New Reno is becoming more and more popular for denizens and refugees of the NCR. A civil war begins to tear apart the city and like in 2241. The Wright family is successful. Not wanting Reno to be a crime and gambling den. They remove all vices and reno becomes abandoned.

Day 11: The Slags are staying isolated as usual and fear nothing from the surface. Little do they realise that during the day their crops are being taken. One day the come to the surface only to realise their crops are gone. The slags die out in the ruins of the town known as Modoc.

Day 12: In little then 12 days the NCR has lost two cities, their economy, citizens and popularity. They are no longer the backbone of california and california begins to fall back into a lawless raider den. NCR cities still exist and rule is still imposed but without leadership it begins to fall.

Day 13: The hub, the place where you can drop a vault and not notice begins to feel the old times. The NCR doesn't have enough troops, money or time to protect the citizens there. Without the NCR in the hub the NCR loses more money and time, The hub begins to fall into disrepair and ruin. Without food, water, power, protection or money. Many people begin to leave and the Hub becomes an abandoned ruin.

Day 14: Without leadership Hanlon decides to disband the rangers. The NCR now loses a major chunk of their army. Without Maxson, The Hub, Vault City, Boneyard, New Reno, Leadership, a major army and the rangers. The NCR is only little.

Day 15: Redding's mines begin to run out of resources. The workers eventually stop working and redding has no reason to function. Many people hang around but the residents fall to the constant raider attacks.

Day 16: Dayglow is already ravaged from the sickness but they managed to re build. But being isolated where they are. They die out like a leaf fallen of a tree.

Day 17: Klamath and Arroyo only being stop overs for travellers they never fall. Once the NCR leaves, they return to old times. Being simple tribals who mind there own business.

Day 18: With many of the NCR's wars still going. The NCR eventually fall to the Raiders, Legion, Brotherhood and their loss of numbers.

Day 19: General Lee Oliver has nothing to watch over, he eventually decides the NCR is disbanded. California stays as a ruin.

Over the years California becomes stable again. Many people and factions return and continue to live like many did before the NCR. The Vault 8 Dwellers emerge from their vault. They re build the city and locate Vault 13. Once two towns are built they become the major leaders of California. With lynette dead from being a bitch. Vault city changes. They allow any to come in and they become stable. California is a place where simple people live and do simple things. Many return from Vegas and remark at how the loss of the Dam caused the NCR to fall.

Tune in for part two for if the Legion wins the Dam. I don't know when that will be but it will be soon. Please all constructive comments are accepted and questions will be answered but being mean will result in me telling on you.