As President Eden says: Don't listen to their pseudo-knightly nonsense. That has got me thinking, what is the brotherhoods actual goal? The west coast brotherhood say they are preserving technology, the ones on the east coast say they are here to help and the mojave chapter don't really say as they are to busy saving their power armored skins. So are they good for anything? They have been beaten down by service rifles and the NCR since the start of their war in 2241 and they never seem to help people, they just shove and growl. They only defeated the enclave since it was a threat to their safety, they only preserve technology for their good and they are outright rude. They believe themselves to own everything that has a light switch and seek to control all. They seem to never be able to do anything without outside interference. IE: The Lone Wanderer basically defeated the Enclave, The Vault Dweller defeated the master and his army by himself, The Chosen One personally defeated the Enclave, and Warrior was the main reason the brotherhood defeated the Calculator. They seems to stagnate unless someone helps them. If the lone wanderer never came out of the vault, the super mutants would continue to overpower them and eventually defeat them. So beneath the Power Armor they are shaking little soggy cats who couldn't hurt anything. What do you think? could they do anything without outside interference? Please do tell.

For The Brotherhood?