I'd just like to address to people that when you call people stupid or blatantly insult them for liking the Enclave (or any other faction for that matter) it is not allowed. It is rude and completely uncalled for. Just as you love your favourite thing, you have a reason for it. Eden2012, me and many other Enclave lovers on this wiki love the Enclave for our reasons. So when you insult us about it, either don't or prepare for a barrage of reasons why we believe the Enclave are great and why you shouldn't insult us. I have made a blog a while ago about why I believe the Enclave are the good guys and not baddies.

It goes with everyone else who loves a certain faction, just accept it don't argue the point. It's rude and unnecessary and is sometimes against policy. As the old saying goes, treat people how you'd want to be treated.