The words ban, apology, actions, and bad doings are thrown around all the time. Some things are downright horrible and others you pass away all the time. Apologies can be sincere or just pathetic. I can admit, i have done some bad things in my life and i have given some crap apologies.

I would like however, to turn your attention to the day where i almost destroyed my chance to be here. When Dead Gunner (or anyone who deserves it) ran for mod, i couldn't be happier. However, i had a bad feeling in my waters. After a lot of thinking, i committed an act so heinous, i could of been perma banned. At the time, it sounded like a good idea and was always meant for good intentions. I thought i had gotten away with it, but i didn't.

What i did to Dead Gunner may seem bad, but i can (and if he wants to) assure you it was for a very good intention. I would go into detail, but i feel it's private and i am trying to move on, Dead Gunner and i have since talked, and a after a lot of procrastinating, i admitted to my crime.

This blog is to give a sincere apology to Dead Gunner and anyone else i hurt, saddened, disappointed or shocked over the course of my actions. I also would like to thank The Gunny for being very nice in my darkest hour, and Dead Gunner, for having the good faith to forgive me.

This was a time of sadness for me, i was a god user. While under my ban, i realised just how good it is to be here. I say to all, if you feel burned out, don't go crazy like i did, take a break, you deserve it. I promise to never commit an act that is bad or worthy of a ban ever again.

I thank you all for being so lenient and forgiving. I look forward to being a good citizen and restarting myself as a good editor.