Hello Everyone, The reason i have blogged today is to say that i have reached 500 edits. 252 of those have been for articles. This however is not a celebration. When i earned my 250 edit badge, I noticed that 132 people have earned this badge. There are 10691 users on this wiki. That means there are over 10500 people that have reached that amount. Now i'm not saying you need to reach that amount, but please; if you make an account please edit, join a project, add a page. Contribute. Everyone, including admins and all the higher ups appreciate everyone and there pledge to join and edit. But that number is shocking. So please everyone. Chip in and help make this wiki the best wiki around. If you need inspiration look at Jspoeltra (is that how you spell it?) or me even. I'm am in no way trying to brag, but I have only been here since August 17 2012. that is just over 1 month. Everyone don't rush into things and ask for things you aren't ready for. (i learnt that the hard way ish). But help out where ever you can. Thank you all to everyone who reads this. From Dwellersims.