As every one on this wiki already knows, there have very recently been a number of is-it-real-or-is-it-fake teasers popping up all over the web. While that certainly makes this an exciting time for us, all the excitement and scrutinization of and it's related Tumblr and Twitter accounts mean that no one seems to have taken notice of one definite piece of evidence that Fallout 4 is being worked on: merch. While Fallout t-shirts have been a staple of the Bethesda store for some time, we haven't seen any large release of interesting merch like the new bobbleheads in a while. This could be related to the recent events of FO3's 5th birthday and October 23rd, but dammit, I WANT TO BELIEVE. Also, the new bobbleheads are marked as "Series #1", implying that they were not just for the recent dates related to Fallout.

Yes, I'm aware that this is hecka inconclusive and I'm grasping at potentially non-existent straws, but as stated above, I WANT TO BELIEVE.