Hello all!
I thought I would post some pictures of a Fallout 3 themed Monopoly board I made for one of my best friends.
It's Monopoly - Vault-Tec edition and it took about 6 months of designing, drawing, cutting and gluing. Everything was drawn in CS6 using a mouse (don't have a tablet as yet, one was lent to me 2 or so months ago but I'm so used to the mouse anyway).
All the Vault Boy's are re-drawn as the internet images are such low res. and the board is redrawn from scratch. The board changed a bit since I started too, I've changed locations a few times and also changed a lot of the pictures used.
I customized the tokens, one is based on my friend dressed as a BoS Paladin; they're laminated and I made the 'stands' myself using which is essentially clear sticker labels. They're rigid enough to support the tokens and it doesn't bend easily.
The Chance and Community Chest cards are similar to Monopoly but they have a Fallout theme rather than just being a copy and some can get you well ahead in the game eg.: The G.E.C.K will grant you a set of 4 houses for any property you own etc. I used some scanned Monopoly money for the Fallout version, changed a couple of things, added a Vault Boy head and Vault-Tec logo.
I also re-wrote the instructions and put some Vault Boy tips in there too. The board is 46x46cm and it's a quad fold board (most nerve racking part of the whole construction really).
So yeah, that's pretty much it.
Oh and I purchased the box off eBay, it's an old Monopoly box that I sanded/sealed, houses and hotels also purchased off eBay and there are silver dice in there now instead of the blue (they arrived at the last minute).
I'm thinking of doing a New Vegas theme as well as looking into making my own box, possible card board as I am terrible at woodworking.