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  • I was born on April 8
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    Fallout Monopoly

    January 1, 2014 by Republic of Faffi

    Hello all!
    I thought I would post some pictures of a Fallout 3 themed Monopoly board I made for one of my best friends.
    It's Monopoly - Vault-Tec edition and it took about 6 months of designing, drawing, cutting and gluing. Everything was drawn in CS6 using a mouse (don't have a tablet as yet, one was lent to me 2 or so months ago but I'm so used to the mouse anyway).
    All the Vault Boy's are re-drawn as the internet images are such low res. and the board is redrawn from scratch. The board changed a bit since I started too, I've changed locations a few times and also changed a lot of the pictures used.
    I customized the tokens, one is based on my friend dressed as a BoS Paladin; they're laminated and I made the 'stands' myself using which is es…

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