A message to my fellow soldiers of the enclave and patriots everywhere throughout the wasteland. Some might say we are beaten, after two consecutive defeats by our enemies, the false republic and the cult of steel they claim that their misguided ideals is what is right for mankind and the wastes. They would destroy all that remains of America for their own selfish agenda...but take heart, know that we are not beaten we can and will return and we will do what must be done to rebuild America and return the wastes back to it's rightful hands...Human Hands. Even now plans are in motion to restore our position of dominance in the wastes, we will destroy all of our enemies. The false Republic, The cult of steel, our worst enemy the mutants, and all who stand with them.

Take my words to heart and remember to do what must be done, Stand strong, Stand Together, stand united we will be victorious.


Remember The Oil Rig, Remember Navarro, Remember them all, For America