Magnity is set in August 2099, in Chicago, Illnois, USA. It follows the story of a spy team of a Vault sent to scout the surrounding area and remain outside as ambassadors for six months. However, their trip goes horribly wrong and are imprisoned by a mysterious organisation and are thrown into a situation that could change the fate of America for decades to come. The main character is Tyler Ashton, born on November 5th 2071

Prologue 1: Oblivious

  • October 23rd 2077, Chicago Wildlife Museum, 1.15PM

It was just a normal day. My father drove me to school, and we were allowed on a trip. They were taking us to the Wildlife Museum for a project. Everyone was excited, as a young six year old boy, I couldn't wait to see all the creatures there. I was partnered with my best friend Kayden. When we arrived and got off the bus, the teacher escorted us around, and we were really fascinated and enjoying the trip.

It was only two hours into the trip, we heard a siren, and the teacher came in a hurry. She looked quite scared and breathless. She told us all to follow her in a serious tone. Some of my classmates asked why but she wouldn't say, nor tell us what the noise was and why everyone outside the Museum was screaming. Some of the kids in my class were scared not knowing what was happening.

"Kayden, why are we leaving"? I asked him. "Gee, it's strange. Maybe ask Ms. Atkinson." He said to me. We were meant to form an orderly line behind but I pushed in to the front, some of the kids whined at me. When I got right behind Ms. Atkinson I asked her what was happening. She just shouted "Get back in line!" at me. I did as I was told. Eventually, we were taken to the entrance. The Custodian opened a manhole leading into an underground bunker. Kayden and I looked outside. To our horror we saw all the people outside running around aimlessly, screaming. Hooded youths ran around looting the shops across the road and innocent civilians. The West Coast was hit first, but a minority didn't go into the Vaults as they thought it was another drill. Therefore the East Coast received a better warning.

Just as we were about to go down the ladder, my father sped down the road and swerved into the parking lot in his green Corvega. He stormed into the Museum and grabbed my hand. Ms. Atkinson stopped my father, shouting at him "Where do you think you're going?!" He said he was going to a Vault, and Ms. Atkinson felt jealous and yelled "Bastard!" to him. I really didn't know what they were talking about.

He put me in the back of the car, slammed the door and angrily sped off. I was worried about my friends, what was going to happen to them, but more importantly, what was even happening. I looked through the window and saw smashed-up houses and buildings, fires from the looting and anarchy, and families looting the supermarket. As he was speeding down the road, I asked "Dad, what is happening?". He replied "Nothing to worry about son, we'll be safe soon." He said he'd tell me when I'm older. He turned a dial and the radio came on. A newscaster was saying in a rather depressed voice "-have hit California, Washington, Oregon, and most of the Mid United States, while Australia and most of Eastern Europe has fell silent. Meanwhile, anarchy has spread the East Coast like wildfire in attempt to stock up or just for the sake of it. The Government is telling all citizens that this is not a drill and they should take cover in a deep underground shelter or Vault-Tec Vault. If not available they shou-" The radio fell into static. I then saw the static proceeded by seeing several spots of light along a treeline to the South. They were nukes hitting Kentucky.

After a few minutes, we arrived at the Park that I normally played with my friends at. I saw a big difference, though. There was a staircase leading into the ground, with several Vault Security Officers standing near. I wondered who they were, and they were wearing a black Vest with blue jumpsuits and a black helmet with a glass shield. They carried silver Magnums and chrome rifles. I thought they were awesome as a young boy. We went down the staircase where there was a line of people bickering, arguing, and shouting with the Security. We were called to the front, and my father was asked for ID papers and our pass. We were in a dark and musty cave, and a circular gap was in the wall with shining walls and floors inside. We were last in line, Just as the guard was about to let us in, a woman with two young girls sprinted over down the staircase. She was restrained by a guard before she could come any closer.

"Please, you've got to let us in!" begged the woman.

"I've told several people the same thing in the last ten minutes, no enlistment, no entry. Now get out of my sight. You're not getting in." scoffed the guard.

"Please, if you have any soul, you'll at least let my children in. That's all I'm asking, just let them in. They're only seven!" cried the woman.

"They are no different than anyone else." said the guard sternly. My dad's jaw dropped.

"What, you're just going to leave them? You'll just leave them in a Nuclear aftermath!?" the woman snarled infuriated. I saw the sadness in her eyes, I wished they would let them in. But the guard told me to quiet down when I told him they should be allowed in.

Just then, a nuke hit Chicago. It was a deafening, all I could hear was people screaming and the noises of shattering buildings and the booming crumble of the explosion. Then, a wave of dust and clutter was eating the ground and swarming towards us. The guards pushed us in, the woman fought with one guard to get in. The guard I later knew as Thebe Simumba, coldly shot her and rushed in. Her lifeless body fell to the floor. As a young boy, I was devastated. I thought to myself why they would do that. I began to cry. Thank God I killed the bastard during the Magnity. A man in a blue suit with a yellow 96 on his back, who I came to know as Lloyd Reece, the Vault's engineer, pulled a lever on a golden control pad. A crane was inserted into a circle in a bulky and rusty titanium gear-shaped door was rolled over, and pushed forward to seal the gap, just nanoseconds before the wave grinded into the Vault. The noise was horrendous as it closed, making a ringing scraping and grinding noise while sparks flew out. I covered my ears as it closed. We were escorted into the reactor room, and I quizzed what the room was for with lots of tools and a ginormous generator with a shining blue laser inside it. However, there was an enormous line of families in single file in the room, I thought there was hundreds. We had to wait at least half an hour before we could get inside from the queue.

Prologue 2: Life Goes On

Vault 96, Chicago, Illnois: 14th April 2082, 18.04PM