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    September 11, 2011 by RehabReject

    Magnity is set in August 2099, in Chicago, Illnois, USA. It follows the story of a spy team of a Vault sent to scout the surrounding area and remain outside as ambassadors for six months. However, their trip goes horribly wrong and are imprisoned by a mysterious organisation and are thrown into a situation that could change the fate of America for decades to come. The main character is Tyler Ashton, born on November 5th 2071

    • October 23rd 2077, Chicago Wildlife Museum, 1.15PM

    It was just a normal day. My father drove me to school, and we were allowed on a trip. They were taking us to the Wildlife Museum for a project. Everyone was excited, as a young six year old boy, I couldn't wait to see all the creatures there. I was partnered with my bes…

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