I keep seeing different takes on factions and different wants for the evolution of the factions of the Fallout Universe. From Vault City to the Outcasts, everyone seems to want a specific something in Fallout. I wanna see what you would do to an existing faction in fallout, or a faction that youd want to create or see for the next fallout. Mine are as follows:

-The Brotherhood of Steel residing in the Capital Wasteland to continue growing and begin to take in more recruits from the wastes.

-Rivet City to become protected or even better partnered with the Brotherhood of Steel.

-The Enclave to make a comeback where ever it is that they retreated to.

-Someone to rival the NCR's power who isnt a completely negative faction (like Caesar's Legion).

-A joinable raider faction in Fallout 4.

-A faction that you can lead and make karma related decisions for as a whole.

-If you join a faction (like Yes Man and the Securitrons), the ability to really decide who you do and dont side with (like the Brotherhood of Steel, The Great Khans, etc.)

-To see the Followers of the Apocalypse make a reappearance in the next Fallout with plenty of sidequests (because personally I really liked them).

- I never played Fallout 1 or 2, so getting to see Vault City in a new Fallout game would be cool for me...