Well this is my first blog on the Fallout wikia. This game came out in 2008, the first Fallout game on a next generation console. I got the feeling two years after it came out that when it did come out, everyone had high hopes. But maybe only Bethesda knew that this game would be one of the most revered in Modern Video Game history. I got introduced to this game by a friend who had started his... idk 4th game. And I was like "This game starts from your birth, and you've started it over 4 times?" He was like "Yeah man, this game is like THE best game ever." And I was like "Psh, yeah okay" 7 hours later I felt like I was playing the greatest game ever made and I bought it 3 days later. 
    Everything about this game is perfect. The kid who one day his perfect underground life is turned upside down and his father (his one stable thing in life besides the Vault itself) is gone, no where to be found. So the Lone Wanderer ventures out into the wastes. A hemisphere blown to shreds by nuclear bomb fire 200 years before. Right away you're given a HUGE decision. Blow up this town that you just came upon to get these things called "caps" 'cause you have no idea what caps are lol. Or tell Sheriff Simms about the plan. This act, one way or the other sets the stage for the game to come and as we all know... Megaton isn't just the beginning, it's a pin prick on what is to come.
    IGN named ths game the 6th greatest Modern Video Game and I can't argue with that. Bethesda took a dormant series and absolutely slayed the gaming populous. I'm proud to own this game and would tell anyone to play it in  half a heartbeat. And believe me as Herbert "Daring" Dashwood would say... I've spent more hours on this absolute marvel of a game "Than I care to remember."