I been thinking lately that there should be a mod for fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4 in which you can have adversarial multiplayer with another human player.


In the multiplayer mod once a player has reached level 10 they will have the option to join another person's game or continue with single player. If the option is accepted, the player will be transferred to another person's game and begin hunting them done for their loot with the help of there pip-boy radio tracking down the enemy player's signal.

The louder the signal, the closer the attacking player is in finding their targeted player however the pip-boy signal can be temporarily disrupted for 30 seconds if the enemy player is using a stealth boy.

  • Player 1 is the Hunter
  • Player 2 is the target

Victory Conditions

Vault Hunter mode isn't for the faint of heart nor recommended for casual players, The only way to achieve victory in this mode is to kill the other vault dweller before they get killed.

Once a vault dweller dies (Player 1 or Player 2), The invading player will lose all of his weapons, apparel, ammo and Aid.

However if player 1 is killed by other means that were not caused by player 2 then they will keep their gear intact for the next match.

If Player 2 Dies by Player 1's actions then they will receive all of player 2's loot by going to there corpse and looting it.