Okay firstly I'm bored and I think I forgot to write in last weak!... So the title is just random! So eh? My point! I wanted the badge. But also. I'm finding it hard to get people to write to me saying what they want. Because I am highly resourced! and I do have the answers and the pictures. I can work to a certain extent!. So not too much. But only 5 people have asked me things. And there questions and requests were just plain stupid!..............So again. PLEASE! Just help me out here. Also I am so to be getting Minecraft. So if any one wants my user then please ask in chat. It's the fastest way for me to tell you and I can't be remembering other username s. all of the time. I assume people with want all Minecraft details. But maybe not from users of fallout. Why. On chat most people would say Minecraft sucks. I don't think it does. And also From past experience I had username s flowing in from every end of chats. Comments and believe it or not there was a page made saying WHAT IS YOUR USERNAME! That was chaos! And that page was taken down and the user was actually banned :( Also next weak I will be changing the weakly blog to every two weeks! Sorry but one. No one actually reads this. And two I'm way to busy! So bai! and whatevers! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
User rebby