• I live in Scotland
  • I was born on March 10
  • My occupation is Drawing, Playing RPG's FPS's
  • I am Female
  • Rebbyface


    May 1, 2012 by Rebbyface

    Okay firstly I'm bored and I think I forgot to write in last weak!... So the title is just random! So eh? My point! I wanted the badge. But also. I'm finding it hard to get people to write to me saying what they want. Because I am highly resourced! and I do have the answers and the pictures. I can work to a certain extent!. So not too much. But only 5 people have asked me things. And there questions and requests were just plain stupid!..............So again. PLEASE! Just help me out here. Also I am so to be getting Minecraft. So if any one wants my user then please ask in chat. It's the fastest way for me to tell you and I can't be remembering other username s. all of the time. I assume people with want all Minecraft details. But maybe not…

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  • Rebbyface


    April 19, 2012 by Rebbyface

    WELCOME!.. This is my first of many to come Fallout blogs. I shall be writing what you want from feedback ( mainly in comments, Live chat and more) and about my recent discoveries and the wonders of my knowledge. My personal view of the amazing Fallout games and How I Can Help You. And yes I'm calling my Help poll's my Hichy's HOW CAN I HICHY YOU TODAY! ..? So come back every Thursday to ASK, SEE, AND HAVE FUN WITH MY PAGE aaaannnndddddd Stay tuned as soon to come is my next poll! xx :D ...

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