i was a simple girl back then before the war. atleast thats what my ma said to me...she beleived that when someone dies, they are reborn later in life, and as much as i wanted to beleive her, i somehow allways thought she was off her rocker.

anyways, i was apparently a simple girl that did what she was told back then before the war, ma said the girl i once was died in a fire, so ma doesnt ever let me go out to the campfire at nights. I was 22 when ma died, leaving me to look after the brahmin and the farm. one night however, some raiders came into my house, roughed me up a bit and then put me in a cage. i was scared sure, but i couldnt help but feel like it was all my fault, it was my fault that ma died and the raiders found the farm.

before taking me off to there camp they shot the cattle and burnt the house to the ground...what was worse part was they made me watch the whole entire time...sick basterds.

we only just got to the raider camp before some powder gangers came in and slayed them all, and i watched them have there lives tooken away, just as they made me watch them take mine...and i felt good about it. I thought i was saved, but the powder gangers just sold me as a slave to a casino in new vegas. there i made a living by becoming a hore and working mainly for the boss of the casino.

i tryed to escape was the last time i tryed, and the reason why? they shot me as soon as i left the building. i dont know where the shot came from, but i knew it was fatal, because as much as the casino tryed, they couldnt stop the bleeding.

they threw me into a gutter in the street and just left me there...last thing i remember was a man walking up to me and picking me up...and well, now im in this body