picking up where i left off,i found myself in a protectron body, and a man with a welders mask was sitting beside me. he asked me how i felt, and i said to him i was confused, terrified and hungry alltogether

he told me that he inserted my memories into his protectron, and i was now brought back to life, unable to age or die (theoretically)

i asked him what i could do to repay him, and he responded that there was no payment needed, although he would like to make a few minor modifications, which i allowed

after i came to once more, i found the body i was in was significantly changed...the scientist was no where in sight, and A GOOD THING TO...because if it was up to me i would kill him for whatever he has done to me

i went to a nearby robot repair shop and asked what had happend to me, and without missing a beat, the repairman said to me that i was a standard female sex-bot protectron, with a few added features, such as an female voice modification and controller input

asking what a controller input was, he told me if i ever came into a radius of a sexbot control computer, i would be under its control, and because i have an older moldel of the controller input, all sexbot control computers i come in contact with can control me, not just one assigned to me

so thats my story, i wander the wastes making a life of allowing myself to be used as a sex-bot in order to obtain caps for repairs...i would trade this life for my old one any day, but thats now impossible

jenkins signing off