Ratslayer lover

aka jenkins the allmighty

  • I live in mojave wasteland
  • I was born on August 24
  • My occupation is sex-bot
  • I am a female generation securitron
  • Ratslayer lover

    picking up where i left off,i found myself in a protectron body, and a man with a welders mask was sitting beside me. he asked me how i felt, and i said to him i was confused, terrified and hungry alltogether

    he told me that he inserted my memories into his protectron, and i was now brought back to life, unable to age or die (theoretically)

    i asked him what i could do to repay him, and he responded that there was no payment needed, although he would like to make a few minor modifications, which i allowed

    after i came to once more, i found the body i was in was significantly changed...the scientist was no where in sight, and A GOOD THING TO...because if it was up to me i would kill him for whatever he has done to me

    i went to a nearby robot rep…

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  • Ratslayer lover

    i was a simple girl back then before the war. atleast thats what my ma said to me...she beleived that when someone dies, they are reborn later in life, and as much as i wanted to beleive her, i somehow allways thought she was off her rocker.

    anyways, i was apparently a simple girl that did what she was told back then before the war, ma said the girl i once was died in a fire, so ma doesnt ever let me go out to the campfire at nights. I was 22 when ma died, leaving me to look after the brahmin and the farm. one night however, some raiders came into my house, roughed me up a bit and then put me in a cage. i was scared sure, but i couldnt help but feel like it was all my fault, it was my fault that ma died and the raiders found the farm.


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