Just thought I'd get us caught up on some of the things we've missed in Fallout News cause of the split that has taken place here at The Vault, or is it the Vault Dweller's Survival Guide, no wait Nukapedia, aww screw it for now lets just call it the Fallout Wiki.

J.E. Sawyer answers some questions about slowdowns due to increasing save game file sizes on his formspring Here's a tidbit:

Question: Is there a save game size that you would call "normal" for F:NV? Mine is 14mb, and i'm having intense lag in multiple sections of the Mojave/ all DLC lands. Just curious if that is/could be an issue!

J.E. Sawyer: That can easily be a big problem, especially if you're on the PS3. The longer you play a character, the more bit differences on objects (characters, pencils on tables, containers, etc.) get saved off and carried around in memory. I think we've seen save games that are pushing 19 megs, which can be really crippling in some areas.

GameBanshee has a post-mortem Fallout: New Vegas interview with Chris Avellone. Here's an excerpt:

Both Old World Blues and Honest Hearts took on an open world framework, while Dead Money and Lonesome Road were much more structured experiences. Does that significantly alter storytelling, or the themes you explore? Do you find one easier than the other to tackle?

It depends on the theme. With Lonesome Road, Damnation Alley was the inspiration, so the linear feel was intentional. The level design complements this - the player is traveling to a specific destination, and we didn't want much to disrupt the forward momentum or sense of being on a journey. With Old World Blues, it was more open-world roaming at your leisure.

Neither one is particularly easier than the other, I'd argue, so we start with the feeling we want the player to have in the DLC and then use the level design and systems to heighten it.

Lonesome Road hits the player with major consequences to choices that the player never actually participated in prior to the DLC's beginning. Do you think this would have worked better if the player had actually partaken in the events that he or she is being held accountable for, even if only in a tutorial?

There were a lot of ways we could have structured the DLC, granted. We certainly did have the resources to represent the NCR and the West (DLC4 was limited to 3 voice actors), and while I wouldn't have done a tutorial that physically put the player in the past, there might have been other hooks we could have done with more resources. Still, I'm satisfied with what we did construct, and it hit the goals we set out to do.

Old World Blues has been given the honor of DLC of the Year by G4TV, The Controller Online, Spike TV,, and several other media and gaming sites as well as the Inside Gaming Awards.

And last but not least but not least we need to thank Kingclyde for taking the reigns here at the Fallout wiki as well as Agent C for keeping the news comming on the wiki side of things. Merry Christmas all!

Now just because I can, here is the greatest country singer in the history of time Unknown Hinson with Venus Bound.

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