New Vegas's 3rd DLC Old World Blues has garnered some very positive reviews.

GamePro, 4.5/5.

The main quest sees you scampering between zany pseudo-science labs in search of crucial technologies for use in the war against Mobius. Or, in five-year-old's terms, "Hooray! New toys!" As is typically the case with these things, a couple of said toys are clunkers, but, for the most part, there's some excellent loot to be had. For instance, there's the attention-starved stealth suit that won't ever shut up. In the wrong hands, she'd be annoying, but here, the gag's hilariously endearing. Other items, meanwhile, tend to be more practical, but still well worth using.

Really, though, Old World Blues will leave you with a case of the "Whoops, I'm $10 poorer" blues if you rush through the main quest without seeing the sights. The Big Empty's a mini-wasteland, after all, so it's littered with sidequests and secrets. Fortunately, another central (though optional) quest -- which involves breathing life into sentient kitchen appliances -- points you toward most of the major landmarks. Hardware Heaven. This time round we get a sci-fi twist as we receive a signal telling us to head to a drive-in where we find a crashed satellite, at midnight the satellite begins projecting onto the screen and upon investigating it we launch into the DLC quests which are intended for level 15 players and above.

The basic storyline, which contains influences from many sci-fi based books, movies and TV including Futurama, Mars Attacks and Eureka is that a group of scientists created a haven in a crater on Big Mountain. The idea was to create a think tank which would advance science to create better medical treatments, technology and more. Unfortunately as war broke out the efforts of the Think Tank moved away from this and towards other, less productive research. Now, many years later we find ourselves waking in "The Sink", the main building housing the Think Tank, dressed in an ill-fitting patient gown and covered in scars. As we explore the area we find that we have been operated on and our brain, heart and spine replaced by technology... not a good place to be but by the sounds of things we should be thankful we still have our skinvelope...

Empty Lifebar, 4/5.

Old World Blues adds several new characters and enemies alike, and provides you with the means to deal with anything and everything trying to do you harm. You’re given a sonic emitter pistol which can be upgraded in order to access certain areas that you would believe to be inaccessible. Once I got the upgrade installed I went exploring the entire research facility looking for areas that I could unlock with my new weapon. I wound up never using any of the new armor provided in the DLC as I didn’t want it to get broken in battle, the armor that I brought with me got completely broken twice, I’ve repaired it three times now since starting the pack. With the exception of the Dead Money DLC, this is probably the hardest in terms of survival, I found myself constantly checking my health as the numerous enemies of Big MT whittled it down towards zero. I’m told that if you play the DLC with a level 40 character you’ll breeze right through it, I might try that later on.

Gamer Limit, 9/10.

Old World Blues is one of the best Fallout DLCs yet. It's funny, it's packed with content, and it offers solid rewards for players who are looking to add to their Courier's arsenal. If you skipped on the previous two content packs, make sure to pick this one up.

Digital Chumps, 8.2/10.

And then there's The Sink. Ostensibly, the The Sink is your general base of operations, but it's really an excuse for exhibiting a collection of characters even crazier than the deranged doctors. By combing through the facilities of the The Big Empty the player can find holotapes with personalities for The Sink's various facilities. Practically this means activating certain bonuses for the player. The auto-doc, for example, can alter the player's appearance, heal wounds, and install cybernetic implants while the Jukebox can tune your Sonic Emitter (a new weapon) to induce particular afflictions upon the mechanized menaces outside the facility. That stuff is neat, but the actual personalities within the facilities steal the show. The toaster is a violent maniac hell bent on engaging oblivion while remaining completely ignorant to its lack of actual power. The Book Chute hates communism and is driven to transform any pre-war book into a collection of blank pages. There is also a set of rival light switches and, of course, a sink in The Sink that functions as a sink. Marrying endearing personalities to practical applications was a genius move, as doubly reinforces interaction with every character.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun likes it:

This is the kind of DLC I like to see – not just more of the same, but an interesting spin on Fallout: New Vegas that both fits the universe (unlike, for instance, Mothership Zeta back in original Fallout 3) and tries some new ideas. The main one? Cranking up the crazy technology we’re used to seeing to full on MAD SCIENCE! levels, to the point that having your brain replaced with a Tesla coil by a Think Tank of disembodied scientists locked in a war against an army of roboscorpions is barely the seventh or so weirdest thing that happens to you.

Don't fuck with me, I'm armed with SCIENCE!

What really makes Old World Blues a joy though is its sense of humour. It knows how silly it is, and it utterly embraces it. Obsidian’s obviously been playing a lot of Portal recently, but it comes through in all the right ways – the crazy characters, the hilarious back-and-forths between the squabbling scientists, the snide messages on terminals, and even a few bits where you outright enter test chambers to solve problems and retrieve fancy guns. Unlike Portal though, you get full RPG interaction with everyone and everything, letting you fire a few shots back at the arrogant machines – literally or figuratively – and twist them around your little finger – figuratively. Hell, at one point, as long as you’re packing the right Traits, you can seduce a lightswitch.

Gaming Irresponsibly, 5/5.

This is the funniest Fallout DLC I have ever played. There’s humor coming from all angles: with robots that think you have penises for fingers and toes, a mad drug addicted robot and the egomaniac toaster. Old World Blues is definitely the most fun and entertaining add-on to any of the Fallout series. There are hours of gameplay in this DLC: Bethesda has added 5 more levels to your level cap making it 40, 5 new perks, an extra 4 unlock-able perks and 5 new achievements/trophies. The only bad point I can think of with this DLC is that some of the side quests are rather tedious. At certain points they have you going to four certain destinations then to four more, then to the same four you previously went to, and so on. There is also a tad too much dialogue at the beginning of the game when you meet Dr. Klein, but apart from that it is totally worth purchasing!

Examiner, A-.

It's almost shocking, the disparity between Old World Blues and the other two DLC's Bethesda's released for New Vegas thus far. I'd almost begun to believe that none of the New Vegas DLC's would match the awesomeness of Point Lookout, but in Old World Blues, they finally got it right. Here's hoping that the next installment's just as funny, frenetic, and worth-my-$10.

GameFront, 95/100.

All that said, Old World Blues is exactly what you want out of Fallout DLC. It’s got tons of things to explore, several new weapons to find, a stealth suit that says hilarious things and no end of oh so precious reading material. This is one DLC pack you aren’t going to want to miss. Trendkiller Online, officially scoreless but if they still had review scores it would be 9.5/10. The Voice cast is amazing and easily one of the biggest draws here. Keep in mind that you will not once come across another flesh and blood "lobotomite" in the DLC... it's all robots and brains in Jars and toasters with mountains of personality that far exceed the main game's human population in wit and charisma!

So whether you're itching to get back into New Vegas or looking for a reason to pick up the franchise for the first time, you would do well to buy Old World Blues. Don't let the title throw you off as this is easily the best DLC released for Fallout since Bethesda took the reins for part 3. If we still used a point rating system here at TKO, I would easily give this a 9.5/10, so pack up your purified water, get your radiation suits on and prepare to enter The FORBIDDEN ZONE! Where no brain has EVER entered! The Controller Online, 9/10. Old World Blues does what any good DLC adventure should do; take you to someplace unfamiliar. The setting, atmosphere and tone are like nothing in the rest of the game. At 4-7 hours in length it more than justifies it’s 800 MS Point price tag. A must have.

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