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  • Ramallah

    Eurogamer writer Wesley Yin-Poole has made an article that contains footage of Fallout 4 a week before launch. The video's include footage of the prologue as well as an in-depth look at every perk.

    For any of you hoping to fill out the Fallout 4 perks page or just see more of the game you can check it out here.

    • (four separate videos)
    • (four videos combined)
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  • Ramallah

    Not how I was hoping to mark my return to the news but yes Todd Howard has indeed finally spoken about what is potentially next for the Fallout Franchise. Sadly most of what he told the fine folks of rockpapershotgun was simply that we won't be hearing much for at least a little while. However just the fact that we get some insight into the fact that Fallout (insert subtitle or 4 here) is at least in development is more than promising. However this article does suggest that the game is not as far along in development as many of us have though. Anyways here it the full article below.

    It’s incredibly odd talking to a high-profile game developer when they can tell you very nearly nothing. It’s akin to squeezing lemonade from a lemon husk that…

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  • Ramallah

    Nationally unacclaimed freelance writer Jonathan Deesing has written an article about Nuka Break, the Fallout fanfiction series that all the kids seem to be crazy about. Anyway here's the articles.

    Nuka Break, the wildly popular fan-made live-action series set in the Fallout universe recently scored a huge victory with a $130,000 Kickstarter campaign for their second season. Curious to know just what it was that gave season one that special spark I called up Wayside Creations co-founder and creative director Zack Finfrock to talk about avoiding lawsuits, flaming swords, and super mutants.

    I share a special kinship with Wayside Creations creative director Zack Finfrock. We are both enormous Fallout fans who didn’t necessarily fall in love wit…

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  • Ramallah

    Long time no see Nukapedia, for those of you who are new, have forgotten, or just don't give a damn I am Ramallah, the freak daddy master of super fly funk and ninja killing (sorry just watched Black Dynamite and had to get that out of my system) here to bring you something awesome.

    Jimiyo (a really talented artist best known for his work on Teefury) has created a Fallout 3 inspired Nuka/Coke mash-up T-shirt thats pretty awesome. How awesome you ask, well awesome enough that I'm thinking of buying one myself.

    Here's the shirt in question.

    And here's the site where you can purchase said shirt.

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  • Ramallah

    Wow, been a while since I did this. Anyway G4 has published an article written by Dennis Scimeca a freelance writer who's work has been published on Kotaku, Ars Technica and Gamasutra, that deals with the challenge of telling a story through DLC after the credits roll on the main game and what other developers *cough Bioware cough* could learn from Obsidian's approach to DLC:

    "Developers don't always know whether or not they'll have the chance to continue their stories, so narrative devices like foreshadowing can be difficult to justify or work into a game's plotline. When Obsidian Creative Director Chris Avellone and his team were told they would have the chance to create four DLC packs for Fallout: New Vegas, it was a unique opportunity. …

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