I found myself wondering about the spinoff games FOBOS and TACTICS and their place in the general canon of fallout . . . .


I find that tactics was far more of a departure in theme, story, visuals, and tone . . . . the game didnt sit too well with me! But I felt it was canon, that the world was so fast paced that you wouldnt be able to see the retro style, because that isnt important for the story . . . what was important was the focus on the goals. The hard attitudes of the brotherhood of steel and their absolute focus!

The robots are a bit of a visual departure, but I feel that we cannot account for every model designed in every game! There was also the tab pulls as currency . . . . that was awesome it was a nice break from the bottle caps!

And then there is the vault everyone seems to have an issue with! I submit that vault zero was the observation platform for the vault network! That it was the nucleus, from here the vaults were intended to be monitored . . . what good is an experiment if you cant get results!


this is probably the most reviled thing ever released under the fallout name (save for anything in the bethesda era but we will save that arguement for another day) BUT is FOBOS really that bad? I have played it and found it fitting reasonably well with the established lore! I did some investigating and found that . . . .the complaints about the game are a little nuts

Bawl, if I hadnt been told i wouldnt have noticed that bawls exsisted in the game . . . this seems to be a major point for alot of people, the idea of real world stuff exsisting in fallout . . . I didnt like it . . . but it was so underwhelming that I couldnt find myself caring

Gameplay, yeah . . . it sucked . . . but it didn't make the game unplayable! It was certainly different from the stuff we had at the time though

Van Buren, something about van buren not happening and then this happening .. . I don't see why that is a problem . . . it seems to me they were trying to reach out to make some more money (hence the adverts for bawls) didnt work!

Female characters have breasts appearently . . . . this is the weirdest complaint I have heard of the game . . . .The art direction of the game went for less realistic and more Caricatured look . . . . the women having breasts was not an issue for me with the games art style

as for the lore . . . I really cannot find anything in it that contradicts any other fallout game, the secret vault appears to be some sort of storage facility for vault-tech . . . at one point your character grows a new arm, but that is mentioned in fallout 2 . . . .

I just dont get the hate that FOBOS has for it . . . certainly its not up on the same level as F1-F3 . . .. but . . . is bad quality of the game really a reason to exclude it from canon? Because the game didnt sell well or wasnt receaved well by fans it shouldnt be considered part of the universe . . . who says? Why would they say this . . . . it fits just fine with the canon of the fallotu series as a whole in my opinion

It wasnt well received now or when it was released . . . but give a decade to cushion it. . . and stupider things being considered canon (cough mothership zeta cough) I think it will be accepted