I am going to try something wierd here, i am going to present both my real world journal and my in universe journal


The town of carbon is in sight, the retroistic stylings of the prewar world still linger here in texas. Not so much as in other parts of the world. Im here on a mission, to find a group of brotherhood soldiers. The world is changing fast in the west, the brotherhood must expand to survive, we must collect the remnants of the dead world that came before.

But the group sent here to this place, they havent made any contact in some time. I must find them, that is my mission. The elders of the brotherhood saw fit to only supply me with a homemade pistol and the clothes on my back for this mission.

God help me, my first sight upon entering the town is a group of raiders antagonizing the locals. If i had a bigger gun and my power armor tehy wouldnt have walked out of here alive. I must remain cautious.

I ask around the town, and old man with one arm appearently under the delusion that he was a soldier was willing to trade with me despite my appearence. Again, I must express my hatred towards the brotherhood for not supplying me with any bottle caps.

A prostitute, ruby she calls herself. She begs me for help, there are still some raiders in the bar, even if she didnt ask me I would have killed them. Only so many bullets in my gun, I had to make them count.

With this sad homemade pistol that I carried I managed to kill them all. I went to bartender, i looked behind him. A sign hung on the wall "no mutants allowed" a ghoul like me always has a hard time getting a drink in the wasteland. These signs are on pubs from one coast to the next, ghouls, green skins, and swampers shunned from places of gathering.

But my kindness has gotten me far, the bartender doesnt even seem to notice my horrible disfigurement. We talked, he told me about the town, he told me taht the mayor would probably know more about the brotherhood soldiers.

He offered me a job, collecting radscorpian poison glands. To turn into liquer? probably the worst idea I had ever heard, but I wasnt going to argue with him.

[Real world]

Kill me now for the love of god what is wrong with this perspective, i want to vomit but i cant. Those brahmin are actualyl ok looking, the setting is ok looking. But the perspective ruins everything

That is a lot of raiders, why are there like twelve raiders in this bar, didnt the guy outsidde say that like only one of his friends was staying behind, he only mentioned one name.

This ghoul is gross looking

Dang girl, that is the cheepest any prostitute has ever been in the history of ever of all time.

Why the oversexualization of the female characters