Well i just got the game

i gotta say


in the fallout fans

IT really is not a bad game, there are thigns about it that are downright despicable

the rock music, the bawls gurana, the nausiating viewpoint.

But overall the story seems to be not that bad (nothing that notable has happened thus far though)

the characters seem ok

The architecture seems to follow along that retro futuristic feel that the previous games established, at least on a marginal level.

The lack of free roamin exploration is sad


there is no reason i should have to spend about an hour fighting rad scorpians in a warehouse

the combats not particulalry fun (but playable) and that combined with the over abundance of enemies in the areas you fight them makes it horrifying

the game is not a terrible game, it just doesnt live up to its predecessors

I would give the game a solid six out of ten

And i gotta say, it does not feel like it isnt in the fallout universe

it feels like it is there

But it feels like teh story (not through the first chapter yet give me a break) could take place in a different universe easily.

I do like hte menu song, but from the info i can gather it is not a retro song but rather a song made to feel retro

so that is awkward

NOTE : I ordered the game off of amazon, it took a while to get the game. When I got it, i got a surprise. For the small price of ten dollars (and a few more dollars for shipping) I got, Baldurs gate dark alliance, a bards tale, and fallout brotherhood of steel

The note the guy wroteme said it was because of the delay in getting the game, but I think he felt bad that i had purchased such a terrible game, so he gave me bonus' to try and make up for it