• R0ckingH3ctor

    So i've been over 20 blog post's here and it looks like OWB is a bit overrated for a DLC.I mean come on it's just a DLC and it's not out yet!I can almost guarantee it would be either bug-full like dead money,honest hearts and all of the fallout 3 DLC's.People are making a big fuss about nothing.It's like sure it would be great from all those new wep's,mobster's and what not but I dont think you need to start thinking its all that becouse at the end you might be dissapointed becouse personally i dont think bethesda and obsidion are making such flawless DLC's becouse there's always scripted errors,problems,glitches,bugs and what not.But thats just my opinion and i respect every other opinion of anyone that disagree's with me.

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