WARNING: Spoilers!

+ The Red Glare and the industrial hand were really cool ideas. Who would say no to a chainsaw/power-fist hybrid? There is also lots of cool armour to be found, like the Elite Riot Gear. + After the add-on, you can return to the Divide. + Ulysses was an interesting character to develop, particularly in relation to the main story, but he was slightly over-shadowed by ED-E's heart-warming story and epic journey across the USA. Also, uncovering slivers of the past of the Courier was quite cool, but there was always a "more" factor. + There are quite a few powerful perks in Lonesome Road, such as gaining +10% to all attacks when you have no companions with you, gaining +1 to PER and AGL when you are outside, immunity to critical hits, and being able to carry 50 pounds more, even surpassing the original 300 limit!

- For players who enjoy a challenge, this add-on is an absolute treat with Deathclaws, tunnel beasts and ghoulified gangs. However, more casual or level-lower players will probably find that this like a uphill struggle with 3 tonnes of lead on your back. - Some rewards are only obtainable through choosing certain endings; choosing not to launch the Divide's arsenal gives you a minimal reward. - There are no side-quests in Lonesome Road. After the story is completed, all the player can do is search for ED-E's upgrades and blow up a few warheads. - The main quest seems to be other rather quickly, compared to the other DLC and there was no NPC-interaction outside talking to ED-E and Ulysses.


~ Old World Blues offered a better range of perks and side interactions, but the main quest has a poor plot and the weapon loot is limited largely to energy, unarmed and melee weapons. More importantly, the player gains access to the Sink, an amazing high-tech apartment, which features such wonders as a perverted lab computer, a homicidal toaster and even a pair of competing, gossiping light switches. Also there were a lot of other priceless gags and jokes such as cyber-dogs playing poker! ~ Dead Money had a similar format to this add-on with a linear story, but featured a small but brilliant cast of characters with whom the player could interact. The range of weapons and perks offered by the add-on was balanced and most of the items were awesome. Like Lonesome Road, there were no proper side-quests featured, but the engaging back-drop of the lives of the original inhabitants of the Sierra Madre more than made up for this shortcoming. However, once you leave, you can't come back. ~ Honest Hearts, in my mind, is the all-rounder of the DLC; it features an essentially awesome variety of gear, a beautiful setting and brilliant characters in the form of Joshua Graham and Randal Clark; the legendary Burned Man and the mythical Survivalist. Unfortunately, these features largely overshadow the actual plot and most of the other characters as you're most likely to be drooling over the view of Zion or your swanky new suit of Desert Ranger Armour. ~ Overall, in my opinion, the F:NV DLC worked better bought together overall rather than when bought separately as it is almost a continuing story unlike the DLC for Fallout 3; there were lots of references between them that made them really exciting and enjoyable to play.

Overall score: 7.5/10 Q-35 19:16, September 24, 2011 (UTC)