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    My Lonesome Road review

    September 24, 2011 by Q-35

    WARNING: Spoilers!

    + The Red Glare and the industrial hand were really cool ideas. Who would say no to a chainsaw/power-fist hybrid? There is also lots of cool armour to be found, like the Elite Riot Gear. + After the add-on, you can return to the Divide. + Ulysses was an interesting character to develop, particularly in relation to the main story, but he was slightly over-shadowed by ED-E's heart-warming story and epic journey across the USA. Also, uncovering slivers of the past of the Courier was quite cool, but there was always a "more" factor. + There are quite a few powerful perks in Lonesome Road, such as gaining +10% to all attacks when you have no companions with you, gaining +1 to PER and AGL when you are outside, immunity to criti…

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