Hi, new to the forums and really don't know where to put this, so sorry if this is the the wrong place.

Old World Blues was a great piece of DLC, and it's biggest perk, The Sink, didn't lack in practicality. The only thing it was missing was the Sierra Madre Vending machines. They are nowhere to be found in the crater, which isn't a bad thing since they are Dead Money's bread and butter. But there should have been one available in the Sink to use if we had the first DLC, maybe with a reskin to it as well. Dragging myself to the BOS bunker isn't that bad, but having everything under one roof really saves time. There is even space for it in beside the lobby entrance to the Think tank.

PC users have modded to include it, but us console players are left in the cold. Maybe they didn't bother because Dead Money wasn't very well received even though I myself hold it as the best DLC of all time. Adding a chemistry set for The Cloud would also be helpful. Hopefully we may see it as a patch down the road.