• Pu239AndYou

    This is a list of my observations on Fallout weapons, and where they were drawn from in real life. If you actually read the whole thing and enjoy it, send me a message. If you can't finish it, I'm not surprised. A note on why I made this list at the bottom.

    -Fallout- -Pistols:

    .223: First impression- Bladerunner. This is already stated here at the vault in the article, and is quite obvious. Purported to be a .223 rifle cut down and modified into a pistol; as is very common with AR-15 derivatives, both custom and factory designs, however there is no real life weapon period, especially a .223/5.56 rifle that fits the description and the .223 pistol is the Bladerunner pistol's exact twin.

    9mm Mauser: The name spells it out. Specifically the C96,…

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