Guten Tag, mein fellow Nukapedians!

First of all, I know that this "Introduction" is probably starting to get old. However, that is an issue that can't be addressed immediately, as a result of the fact that I value your input and also because apparently no one has looked at my comment about naming the blog. Granted, I probably should have moved that to the post itself, but that's besides the point.

Secondly, I wish to expand upon the blog's reach. I said before it would likely be about mod reviews, real-world news, and my opinions on some of the various parts of the Fallout games (Weapons, locations, etc.). However, I also may want to give my opinion on various other games. These would probably include somewhat older games (Red Alert 1 comes to mind, as does Tiberian Dawn), console versions of games (PSP, DS, etc.), the PC version (A bit obvious), and possibly Flash games. About the last one, I'm not going to talk about the majority of them, which are somewhat -if not completely- terrible. If I include them at all, I would talk about the more popular ones, those that clearly had work put into them. Actually, most of those are Unity games, so I don't think it's fair to call them Flash games. I wish to stress that the entire above suggestion (External game reviews, basically) is entirely up to you, the readers. However, I'll make sure to keep Flash/Unity games somewhat rare, if you decide to accept my new idea.

Next, I want to announce the winner of the opening poll for the first mod to review. I didn't vote, mainly because I'm comfortable with reviewing any of the ones on the list, and also because I didn't want to potentially bias the results. Out of the 5 votes casted, we had an overwhelming 80% majority for DC Interiors! In 2nd place, with 1 vote, we have Jerry McGhoulBerry. I do admit, this probably should be above my new suggestion, but I feel that we, the writer-audience team, should work out what you, the audience, would like to see. However, 5 votes? I realize this is new, but I've given the opportunity to help guide this blog, and only 5 people take that opportunity, unless those five are the whole reader base. Regardless, I congratulate and applaud those five, and if they're the only readers, then I also thank you for taking part in the development process, however long and tedious it may be.

To save you the trouble of looking for my comment from Part II, I'm making a contest of sorts where we come up with a name for this still-nonexistent blog. As I said before, it's most likely going to be something fairly ridiculous, such as the "PanzerCookie Times" (As a reference to my speaking as the President of the somewhat mysterious aforementioned corporation). However, if you think that Nukapedia would be permanently scarred or ruined by such a name, feel free to submit your ideas in the comments below.

I don't mean to complain, but recently I've revisited the game "Verdun". As its name suggests, it takes place during the largest battle of World War 1, the Battle of Verdun. Recently, the game has been released on Steam, but I, being the frugal, fairly broke person I am now, am unable to get funds for Steam. As a result, the only way I can play it is on Kongregate, which uses the beta version and also seems to kick those players out of the match after 1 minute. What annoys me even more is the fact that I was one of their first beta testers, but I couldn't do much because the game lagged excessively on my computer. Unfortunately, the beta version doesn't seem to support an account system anymore, so every time I leave the browser page, it resets my progress. Seeing how I'm locked out of the Steam Market until I buy something, I have to get a Steam Card now, which is very unfortunate. However, $17 for this game? Honestly, I think that's a little much, even if I think it's amazing. I wish I could get a discount, seeing how I was a beta tester for them. However, now that I have that out of my system, I'm ready to close.

Lastly, I wish to make a personal acknowledgement to MountHail. I realize you were probably trying to get me to say the line, and I messed it up. I did that because, well, frankly, I don't know. I guess I didn't want to say it because I thought I'd mess it up? Regardless, here it goes. "It's the Groovatron that's what it's called, now quit asking, dammit!". I probably somehow messed that up, but I don't care. I may include this mention again in the first post of the actual blog, just for the heck of it.

That just about wraps up this section of the pre-planning stage. Be sure to give your opinion on the new suggestion and name in the comments!

Until then, Auf Wiedersehen! PrussianEnclave (talk) 22:12, May 18, 2014 (UTC)