Starting: Project 17 (P17) was issued out to scout out unknown land and set up supply route during the battle of Project Purity. Due to the battle ending faster then expected, and area of route being extremely dangerous, the owner of P.M.C decided to have the workers set up base in a canyon.

Deathclaw Attack: P17 found an unfinished vault and a highway built within the canyon. P17 set up a temporary camp in the canyon, not knowing the canyon was unstable, and used by deathclaws as a breeding ground. P17 soon lost contact with the outside world and were mostly all killed by deathclaws. Having only 5 members survived and escaped, the officials thought P17 were all dead.

No more P.M.C: When the 5 survivors arrived back at the main HQ 2 years later, all members of P.M.C (People of the Middle Compass) had merged with the NCR, Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave Remnants, Caesar's Legion and other big factions.

New York: Abandoned, P17 traveled South-East to New York to set up base at the Statue of Liberty, only to find it was destroyed during the Great War. Using as much supplies as they could, P17 build a fortress where the Statue used to stand. They set up a traders post outside so they could grow by buying supplies from traders/merchants.

Split up: After 9 months they had let others join P17, expanding there population by 18. News soon hit them that there was battle over at Hoover Dam. Interested, the F.S (the five survivors) wondered if any of the P.M.C still lived. After 8 years P17 had gone through great losses to the amount of Super Mutants in the area, and soon left leaving one of the survivors alone in the tower.

Alone: P17 left the island and took up base in a large tower on the dock, restoring a crane to make a side bridge to the Liberty Tower (old P17 outpost). Crow, the lone survivor, lived in the tower alone and only left to get food or to do other errands.

Freedom City: P17 soon started gaining members from the Brotherhood of steel, and soon changed there name from Project 17 to Freedom City. F.C was then announced a city, pulling traders and other groups to the dock-side fortress.

Betrayal: 2 days later the news got to Crows ears, enraging him to turn neutral towards F.C and calling them "traitors" for becoming a big faction and joining forces with other big factions. He had the council of F.C to close the crane bridge and ask for his permission to open it when he had visitors or they needed to get over to the metro system under the island.

Liberty Ruined: 3 years later (2281), during winter, the sea level started to rise in the North-West corner of the world, causing the water to rise in America. New York was partly flooded, having the island take most of the damage. The main entrance, 1st floor and 2nd of Liberty Tower became submerged over time, destroying the main walls and leaving Liberty Tower standing in the middle of the river.


Crow is only seen very rarely outside his fortress, mainly just standing on the edge of the helicopter landing looking out at the river and the rest of New York.

Freedom City grows larger and larger everyday, sometimes having to lock-down so the guards can fend off enemies away from the entrance.

The old P.M.C HQ got turned into a Brotherhood outpost, mainly used as a border watch


Crow, survivor one. Hedlar Chang, survivor two. Daisy Dublar, survivor three. Wayne Bracefield, survivor four. Mason Shredder, survivor five. Mr. Grisham, leader of P.M.C.

Groups/Factions: P17. NCR. Brotherhood of Steel. Caesar's Legion. Enclave (Remnants). Traders. Freedom City.

Places: P.M.C HQ. BBW (Brotherhood Border Watch/P.M.C HQ Ruins). Liberty Tower. Freedom City. Deathland (canyon). New York City. Metro Liberty.