Project 17

  • I live in null
  • My occupation is Sniper
  • I am Male
  • Project 17


    Starting: Project 17 (P17) was issued out to scout out unknown land and set up supply route during the battle of Project Purity. Due to the battle ending faster then expected, and area of route being extremely dangerous, the owner of P.M.C decided to have the workers set up base in a canyon.

    Deathclaw Attack: P17 found an unfinished vault and a highway built within the canyon. P17 set up a temporary camp in the canyon, not knowing the canyon was unstable, and used by deathclaws as a breeding ground. P17 soon lost contact with the outside world and were mostly all killed by deathclaws. Having only 5 members survived and escaped, the officials thought P17 were all d…

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