To all Enclave Personnel, since the recent events that were "interrupting" my presidency, we have decided on a new base of operations we wish to set up (call sign "Olympus") in the old Sears Tower in Chicago. Now, we are fully aware of Brotherhood of Steel presence there, but it has dwindled in recent years, whereas raider presence has increased. Dealing with the raiders will not be an issue, and using the new Special Forces group we have set up in my presidency, we will make sure that the BOS is as disarmed as possible. When that is assured, we will saturate all BOS controlled areas with Fuel Air Bombs until they surrender their positions to us. Chicago will make a perfect base to start with, and in time we hope to expand into more of Illinois, hopefully all of Wisconsin, the northern part of Indiana and Ohio, and all of Michigan. We've already drawn up a general map of the area we wish to be in the next few months, and hopefully from this we can take control of the Great Lakes, providing us with a chance at controlling good shipping and trade routes to keep the us well supplied for battle, and hopefully this will also help us to restore full power to this region, allowing for us to finally grow a civilian population for the Enclave. Also, I would like to mention we will probably be making contact through this with our division in Alberta, a province in the old Commonwealth of Canada. They have plenty of agricultural supplies (including non-irradiated fruits, vegetables, and pre-war beef and dairy cows) and will probably have far exceeded their surplus by now. We will grow and we will expand.

For the Enclave, and for the Human race. President Richard Williams.

PS. Much thanks is owed to our wonderful engineers who have built for me an armored, pre-war style limousine, an armored truck (with a nice little office space for me to relax in the back), and my personal Vertibird. You people have done me a wonderful service with generosity I could never have believed, and to top it off you got them in my favorite color; black! These will serve me well during my time in office, and I hope that in the near future, once we have a more settled society started in the Great Lakes area, luxury items like these will once again be available to all good Enclave citizens!

President Richard Williams (talk) 19:22, April 25, 2013 (UTC)