The purpose of me creating this blog is that I wanted to talk about, and maybe ask about, some strange things I've found in Fallout 3, and if any of you have seen these things either. I'll hopefully continue to post more things about these strange occurrences on this page (if I am able to actually do that. Again, I'm a newbie and have little idea how to work this), but I guess we'll see how that works.

Now, the first strange thing I found, and I'm again not sure if anyone missed it, was in one of those satellite dishes up North on the map I believe. I don't remember the name of it, so don't hate me for my lack of specifics. Anyways, this is actually a group of three dishes in one location. There are lots of raiders that are living here and I believe there is only one entrance at the base of one of the towers. Now, all three towers are connected somehow, so by going through the first one, you eventually get to cross over to another one (the second one to put it simply) but you have to cross from one satellite dish to the other, if my memory serves me right. Now, this is where the strange things happen. You'll notice once you're inside, there is a chess board, and on this chess board are mini lawn gnomes and liquor bottles (kinda cool, but I don't think they stay that way if you pick them up, so no chess pieces it seems. :( ). Now, once you've gotten past that, you basically just make your way through the raiders until you get to the bottom of the dish. Nothing out of the ordinary. Now, if you go to where the main entrance should have been, you'll notice it's been boarded up. However, you can see inside still, although not get inside. Well, when I looked in there, I found the opposite to those mini gnomes. There is a giant teddy bear sitting in there, probably close to the same size as an adult in the game. You can't pick it up or get near it, although maybe with console commands you could, but it would probably just go back to regular size. That's one of the coolest things I've seen in the game that people can easily miss.

Now, has anyone aside from me seen that? If so, than sorry this post seemed kinda pointless, but if not, then I hope I've spurred people to be a little more curious about the hidden little things throughout the game. If anyone has anything cool like this as well, let me know, I'd love to see it!

More weird stuff I found!!!

Okay, so I just remembered this one today, but somewhere along the way towards The Republic of Dave from Canterbury Commons I believe, right along the Western edge of the game's map border, I found another odd thing. This was a spot pretty close to the Relay Tower Kx-B8-11 (so not the Republic of Dave, but facing in that general direction), I found an Enclave outpost (like the ones you find along some roads). But as I got closer, I noticed I could only see one Enclave Officer, and their health was astoundingly low. Had there been an issue with a Deathclaw I wondered? I finally managed to shoot and kill the Officer, but when I got to the outpost, another Enclave trooper came running at me. With only his underwear on. O.O That was when I looked up to this cliff ledge above me and noticed the raiders that were wearing Enclave power armor, Eyebot helmets (one of them at least I think) and were now shooting at me. I was about level 30 at this time, so I dispatched them pretty quick, but that had to be one of the oddest things I have ever seen! I don't remember if any of them had a unique weapon (I don't think they did) but regardless, that was pretty weird!

President Richard Williams (talk) 17:49, April 25, 2013 (UTC)