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The Vault news

Van Buren design documents now available

All leaked design documents for Van Buren, Black Isle Studios' canceled Fallout 3, are now available for reading right here on the wiki. The design documents describe most of the locations, characters and quests which were planned to appear in the game prior to its cancelation. Parts of their content have been made canon by Fallout 3, and since some of the responsible designers now work at Obsidian Entertainment on Fallout: New Vegas there is a good chance that more elements of Van Buren's planned story will be referenced in that game as well

For a full list of all the available docs, please see either the respective news post at the Van Buren portal, the design documents page or Category:Van Buren design documents.

Enjoy reading! We hope it will inspire improved coverage of Van Buren content on the wiki and lots of new articles :-)

Policy discussions

Currently, there are two ongoing discussions at our forum regarding policies for:

Input is always appreciated - make sure to make your voice heard in the forum topics :-)


Most of our projects are still looking for participants. You can find a summary of the currently active projects below; maybe you'll find something you'd like to help out with.


A little heads-up for our Fallout Tactics editors: The canonicity notice for Tactics has moved from {{Tactics}} to {{FOT}} to bring it in line with the naming of our other source templates. If you were wondering why {{Tactics}} no longer works, that's your answer :)

Editor spotlight: Nitpicker of the Wastes

Nitpicker of the Wastes is one of the wiki's major contributors and currently the editor with third-most edits at the Vault. He became an administrator in August 2009.

Nitpicker joined the wiki after the release of Fallout 3 and originally focused on Fallout 3 articles, but has since gone "back in time" and played the classics as well.

It's hard to put a finger on what Nitty's "major" contributions are since he usually does a lot of small (but valuable) things such as reverting vandalism, patrolling articles for sub-standard content, filling out infoboxes and helping out with various projects. Recently he has taken to improving Fallout and Fallout 2 character, item and quest articles. Keep it up! :)

Wikia news

After a bit of discussion, Wikia has decided to overhaul its central site and homepage. The new and improved version is now live. The most major change aside from a prettier skin is that the previous site has basically been split in two: the homepage at which now serves as Wikia's corporate site and starting point for browsing Wikia content, and a community site at

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