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The Vault news

Improving navigation

In the past weeks, we've been working on making our content easier to navigate and use. To achieve that, two areas have been worked on: overview pages and infobox header links.

Most of our readers and editors probably know overview pages like Fallout 3 weapons or Fallout 3 quests which are among the most-visited pages on this wiki (see also Did you know that... below). Overview pages help with comparing content and finding content if you don't know the exact name of what you are looking for. While Fallout 3 content was and is pretty well covered in that regard, the older games' content was not, a situation we have tried to remedy. As a result, a lot of new overview pages like Fallout 2 creatures or Fallout Tactics robots and computers have been created. Of course, missing overview pages for Fallout 3 were also added such as Fallout 3 holodisks and notes or Fallout 3 paper notes.

The second improvement concerns the little links above infobox titles (e.g. "Fallout 3 weapon"). Previously most of them simply linked to the main game article. Now they link to the respective overview pages instead, allowing for easier navigation between articles about similar items. If the same item appears in multiple games, the header will link to all respective overview pages, with each game name pointing to the type overview page for that game.

We hope these changes help with making our wiki easier to use. If you have more suggestions for improving usability (or the wiki in general), please let us know either in the comments here or at our "wiki discussion" forum.

New project: Item overhaul

Following up on the introduction of a new layout for item overview pages a few weeks back, we have launched a new project to turn the theory into practice. If you're interested in participating, feel free to head on over to the Item page overhaul project.

MyHome disabled

After a forum discussion, it was decided to disable MyHome at The Vault. The page now redirects to the main page to counter the "feature" which sends editors to MyHome instead of the main page, a feature which is largely unwanted by our registered contributors. We are aware that this also disables the feature for those editors who do want to use it, but unfortunately we're currently not given the choice to retain the page and disable the redirect at the same time.

Editor spotlight: Ausir

In the next few issues of the weekly digest we are going to feature some of our major contributors in recognition for their efforts to make The Vault the best Fallout resource available. We'll start with Ausir, the founder of The Vault.

Most people who regularly visit our wiki will know probably know Ausir. He founded The Vault back in 2005 and was for a long time its only bureaucrat and main administrator. Having played most games in the Fallout series, he is our resident lore expert and widely known in the Fallout community.

Aside from The Vault, he has founded various other wikis here at Wikia, for example the Wasteland wiki which covers Fallout's spiritual predecessor. In addition, he's an administrator at English and Polish Wikipedia and one of the most experienced editors at our wiki.

In terms of contributions, it'd probably be easier to list the articles which he hasn't worked on than the other way round. One of the most popular is certainly the Timeline, probably the most complete list of events in the Fallout universe there is. These days, he mostly works on general organization and housekeeping as well as articles concerning the Fallout classics. Of course, he's also our most prolific news poster, making sure The Vault is not only a good source of game and universe information, but also up-to-date with the latest out-of-game events surrounding the Fallout series.

Did you know that...

Wikia news

Wikia has launched a new version of the community widget (the box below the main site navigation in the left sidebar). It shows more recent changes than the old one (now 5) in exchange for removing the avatar display and a duplicate link to one's user page.

What is the weekly digest?

The weekly digest is a weekly summary of The Vault's internal news with the purpose to help editors keep up with what's going on at the wiki. It is the place to mention all the small things and improvements which do not justify an own news item and will be posted weekly on the main page. If you think that something should be added to the next digest, please list it here.