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Welcome to The Vault's first weekly digest!

The weekly digest is a weekly summary of The Vault's internal news with the purpose to help editors keep up with what's going on at the wiki. It is the place to mention all the small things and improvements which do not justify an own news item and will be posted weekly on the main page.

Since this is the first issue, this digest will feature some news which are older than a week.


The first project has been completed. Congratulations to the team of the MSG Wikification Drive who managed to wikify 1,111 dialogue files in a bit more than a month, a task which had been pending for a long time.

New administrator

A new member has joined our administration team. Itachou has been working hard on the articles for the often neglected Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel as well as other Fallout classics and as a result the community decided to grant his request for adminship.

Georgian version of The Vault started

A Georgian language version is the latest addition to the Vault family, created by the user Vaxoiva‎. If you speak Georgian and want to help create a comprehensive guide to Fallout games in your language, you are welcome to join!

Wikia changes

Wikia, our wiki's host, has launched some new features last week and has also changed its privacy policy.

Aside from a few improvements to the user masthead (the bar you see on top of user pages) which now features the date when an editor first contributed to the wiki and his or her edit count, the main new feature introduced was the "My Home" page for registered users.

"My Home" shows a "friendly" version of Recent Changes as well as the user's last contributions and articles which have had a lot of edits recently. It is designed to be the starting point for registered editors when entering the wiki. However, Wikia's decision to make the wiki's main URL ( in our case) redirect to the new page for registered editors was not all that well received, especially here at The Vault. See Ausir's news item for details on the debate. In case you don't know yet, the redirect can be disabled in the "Misc" tab of your preferences.

Template changes

As the closing note, the template DLC ID has been changed in the past days. It is used for base and ref IDs for items and characters from the Fallout 3 add-ons. Instead of the usual xx123456xx? it now displays xx123456. Just a little heads-up for everybody who has grown accustomed to the old format.

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