Hello people of this wiki,I was looking at some of Scarfaces comments and he kept talking about blank slate so, I wanted to know what your character's back story is, It could be any fallout game, My back story is about the lone wanderer or Playboy X, After all the battles with the enclave and him blowing up the star wars base thing,He Didn't want to stay in the capital wasteland because he didn't want to be treated like a king so he went to Pinkerton to get facial surgery, He left only bring his Great Grand fathers pistol,[The chosen one weathered pistol], On his journey he met Ulysses,For weeks they journeyed to New Vegas, The City untouched by radiation,They picked up a job as a courier,Playboy X Started learning how to count cards to earn money, Mr.House started to notice so he left to the Hopeville,A year later he went back to the Mojave Wasteland, He Returned to Primm to renew his contract, He returned to partnership with Ulysses, Soon Ulysses noticed he was making more caps so he didn't take the platinum chip, Which ends up getting Playboy X shot in the head.